08 Dec '16


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'Tis the season of mass consumption and hyperactive social media feeds... Happy Holidays Gang! I have been hearing about the sheer awesomeness of the Friendly Isle for some time now from a few of my privileged friends. I mean when the boys return from an overnight adventure they are usually gushing with soo much stoke that not even the worst case of sea sickness could diminish. My opportunity to gauge the natural beauty of this special isle for myself finally presented itself last weekend by way of an invite from Capt. Brandon and his Co-Capt. wife Desiree. The forecast looked promising calling for light and variable winds of 5 to 15 mph. Count me in. The plan was to haul ass across the Kaiwi channel before sunrise, and haul ass we did. Brandon's brand new 26 ft. Radon named Sellah Sea carried our crew of 7 over the 30 miles of open water with relative ease, this boat is built like a tank. But even a rock solid boat like this couldn't stop a couple of my crew mates from regurgitating their dinner mid channel. It wasn't a problem though because with 120 beers and a healthy bottle of vodka safely packed in the cooler, they we're feeling no pain, in no time.
Just before dawn the isle began to slowly rise on the horizon and the Capt. made the call to put the lures in the water. A box of tasty looking lures was passed around for each mate to choose one, and as luck would have it, it was first mate Troy's pick of the the subtly named "black dildo" lure that struck first blood. The lure hadn't been in the water more than 30 seconds before it had an electric blue and yellow mahi mahi hooked real good... yeah Troy! The next couple hours kept us super busy juggling outriggers, lures and beers. Once we had sufficient fish for many a fish taco we pulled in the lines and kicked it back into high gear.
Since I was the only one on board who had never been to these parts everybody was in my ear about how unreal it was gonna be once we got around the Kalaupapa peninsula... they set my expectations real high with each and every word. That being said trust me when I tell you that the landscape that presented itself was well worth the journey. We are talking about some huge fucking sea cliffs!, biggest I have ever seen, and rightfully so, apparently they are some of the largest in the world. I believe that. The visual feast went on for miles with bay after bay and waterfall after waterfall in a seemingly endless wall of vertical green vegetation. Pretty god damn humbling if you ask me. Another benefit to these gargantuan cliffs besides the obvious is that they block any and all cell phone signals, which was great because it keep everyone off their instabrags and in the moment... be a terrible shame to miss all this shit because your head was buried in some stupid device. The brothers Kakinami had secret spot they wanted to share with us and at the 70 mile mark we dropped anchor. Sick little bay with a sweet shoulder high wave that Jeff, Brad and Troy wasted no time enjoying. Mr. HRDLCK and myself opted to grab a couple snorkels and make the 50 yard swim to get a closer look the waterfall cascading onto the lava rock beach. The rocks were more like smooth boulders which Jensen took full advantage of when he monk sealed it onto shore... like a pro! Anyways you get the picture, the place is fucking awesome. If you have the means I really do recommend you try and check it out, it might change your life. Many mahalos to all on board for sharing. Cheers - RM