03 Jul '14


Posted by admin in photos by Sky
Um yup you guessed it... went fishing last weekend. One must always take advantage of light winds when living on the east side. Called up habit fisherman Sky to join me and we launched about sixish. Still a little uncertain about launching in the dark out of Heeia... plenty coral heads to reef your motor if your not in the know. Anyways we get to the "corner pocket" and take a strike but it doesn't stick. OK. Make another pass and bang! fish on... oh how those Ono love the color purple. With our nerves calmed we head out to the buoy and join about ten other boats working it to death. Lots of birds and small Aku breaking the water. First pass we boat an Aku and then nothing for 20 mins. All the other boats are having a hard time as well so we decide to stop trolling and Sky drops down his deep jig as I use the sonar to locate the schools down below. Well the next couple hours had us hooking up Shibi after Shibi and not even our stoked smiles could keep the looks of disappointment off the other boats faces as they trolled around us with no such luck. Live and learn baby. With the fish box good and bloody we called it day. - RM