01 Dec '09


This Friday Eighty Four Skate Co. and our good homie Kenneth Brimer will be releasing the board that Kenneth painted. The board release will be part of the the "Boardjunkies" exhibit. The show is December 4th and starts at 7pm and goes to 11pm. The showcase will consist of Mike Kays' personal collection of skateboard memorabilia from the past to present, from classic decks to equipment. If that isn't enough, there will also be a VW car show in the parking lot as well...So come down and show support!
"My name is Kenneth Brimer and I 've been diagnosed with Chronic Lymphotic Leukemia. The doctor says that I have a good chance to be elected to have stem cell transplant. You can't believe how unexpected this is, at my age (36). I have it in me to get over this...but it seems like the fight is only half the battle. I need the fight of other strong people along with mine to kick this."
Thank you for all the help.
-Kenneth Brimer,

Eighty Four Skate Co. has teamed up with Kenny Brimer to create a project using Kenny's original art expressing his thoughts and outlook on life. Kenny is a skateboarder through and through and is one of the heads who makes up our local skateboard scene here in Hawai'i. We would like to see that Kenny overcomes his bout with leukemia and is back to 100%. In order to help make this possible Eighty Four Skate Co. is donating a portion of the proceeds from the sales of this project to Kenny Brimer.