29 Jun '10


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Words By: Daniel Ikaika Ito
Photos By: FITTED x Eric Arii x Paul Kema
Camping is the most fitting activity for Father's Day. No other outdoor experience says 'Dad' like roughing it outdoors. The Fitted Family congregated on the pristine white sand beaches of the West Side of O‘ahu this past weekend to celebrate Father's Day. My old man, who isn't dead and just lives in Hilo, would have been proud to know that there were no bathrooms or showers at Camp Fitted. We were truly roughing it. Furthermore, we didn't even have any tunes and had to poach the music from a neighboring campsite. Whatever we lacked in music we made up for in food. Chicken adobo. Beef curry. Burgers. Hot dogs. Breakfast burritos. Sausages. Chili. No green salad at all. Another sign that this was a man's camp.
We swam with dolphins on the last day. We dove for fish several times, but our three prongs never connected with anything substantial. We played poker, smoked cigars and hung out with Pat Ron by the fire. The Coors Light and Budweiser flowed like a river. While the Vitamin Water kept us hydrated along the way. Of course, we were talking mad shit to one another and laughing all along the way. It was good times in the celebration of everybody's Old Man and those of us who already had a kid.
It felt incredible to be away from the computers, long nights in China Town and the bullshit that always accompanies both. You can't say a trip like this is magical because your pops would slap you in the head for talking like a queer. Perhaps, the best way to describe the Fitted Father's Day Camping Trip is rejuvenating. Now let's get back to tweeting.
Big Mahalos to Auntie Irene and Uncle Jeff for keeping us fed and to Auntie Pauline and Uncle Tommy for keeping the fire burning.!