26 Jun '14


Posted by admin in photos by Simi
Fever 1
Team Fitted entered the largest fishing tournament in the state a couple weeks ago. Ahi Fever as it is known was quite the experience, 200 boats feverishly roaming the ocean vying for the grand prize of 10k cash for the biggest Ahi... all taking place over the Father's Day weekend. No grand fishing tale to tell here, the big one eluded us. We did manage a few healthy Ono on the first day so it wasn't a total white wash. Oh well you can't catch them all. Special shout out to Uncle for captaining the Hookalele and Paiea Projects family member Jeff for captaining the Doreen K. Until next year. Later - RM
Fever 2
Fever 3
Fever 4
Fever 5
Fever 6
Fever 7