04 Jun '12


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FBI as the saying goes is where I bring these photos to you from. This year's birthday adventure took us to the western coast of the island of Hawaii. A 60 mile expanse of lava lined coast that held plenty of off the beaten path secrets for us to explore, as well as a few tourist traps that were also quite enjoyable. We left the tropical metropolis of Honolulu at 5am and within 30 mins we had landed in Kona, but we might have well been on another planet. Upon disembarking the plane which is old school in itself, [you actually walk on the tarmac a throw back to air travel of old] we instantly felt the warm voggy air that is so characteristic of Kona. My crew consisted of Eric, Shawn, Kaiser and PK who would be our liaison while exploring both land and ocean. We came prepared for action, packing spearguns, three prongs, mask/snorkel/fins, fishing poles, lures, tents, dive lights, knives and of course a cooler or two to make sure there was always a blue mountain cuzzo light on hand for our enjoyment. Shawn has recently caught a bit a of a photography bug so he was assigned to be the staff photographer on this mission, I'm sure you will all agree once you have viewed all the pics that it was a wise decision. Check his site.
So back to the trip, we load up our gear in the rented four door Ram 1500, which was to be our transportation for the next three days, both on and off road, and head to the store for ice and beverages and then ramble down to our first stop Kiholo. PK arranged for a brudda of his open a private gate and give us a lift to the deserted fish pond. Wow this place is sick and teeming with sea life. We get right to it and are in the water before most people back home have even gotten out of bed. I'm mostly just swimming with turtles since I'm a novice diver but PK and Eric are seriously going in and have a few fish within minutes. After soaking in the sun at this hidden gem of a beach we hike through kiawe trees to find a lava tube that has a fresh water at the bottom, and by bottom, I mean at least 200 yards down into the molten earth. PK had small kine problems finding the path to the entrance having only been there once before, but had the issue resolved after a quick phone call to his brudda. Mind you this isn't on any tourist map and there aren't any signs marking the entrance, had to look for the slightly broken kiawe tree and the loose barbwire. Found it. We refresh ourselves in the crystal clear waters of the tube and pack it up. Next stop Milolii.
A quick stop at Costco to reup on cuzzo lights and grab a couple steaks and a bottle of bubbly and we are off. Shawn and I opt to keep it FBI style and ride in the back of the truck for the hour long haul to our final destination, the only way to really take in your surroundings while driving in my opinion. After speeding up the slopes of south Kona we begin to make our final descent into Milolii. Milolii has been named "The Last Hawaiian Fishing Village" and is unincorporated on the Big Isle, meaning they do what they like. This place also isn't on any tour maps either and you won't find any ABC stores or obnoxious tourists down here [present company excluded]. This humble fishing town has a rep of being not so friendly although you would be surprised how far a genuine shaka will get you but I wouldn't advise anyone to go there without an escort. Luckily for us PK's roots run deep here and his Uncle runs shit. Uncle Sam is basically the mayor of the place and his family has laid claim to the best spot in the town for generations. As we pull up to Uncle Sam's compound we are greeted first by his vicious guard dogs [keep all limbs inside the truck while driving by] and then by the most amazing fish pond and campsite I have ever laid eyes on. For real. I mean mother nature really is the best designer and this place is all the proof I need to believe that. I won't bore you anymore with the details but we basically began to fish, drink, eat, explore, talk story and enjoy the place for what it is until we had to return to reality. I would like to give many mahalos to the entire Grace/Kema ohana for sharing their slice of paradise with us for that short time. Till next time Aloha - RM.