28 Apr '12


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By now you are probably thinking I am a mouthpiece for a Cali visitors bureau. Truth is I became enchanted with California in 1967 during a 24 hour layover in San Francisco whilst in transit from the Great Lakes Naval Training Center to the conflict in south east Asia. I still sport the American Eagle on my arm as a reminder of that day. ‘Tis true 45 years of reality has worn off much of that initial magic but after having visited or lived in many great metropolises around the globe I have never stopped California Dreaming.
Travelers heading south from Los Angeles via Pacific Coast Highway will treated to some of the most beautiful shorelines in the USA. Along this route are located affluent neighborhoods with such names Huntington Beach, Corona Del Mar, Seal Beach and our favorite, Newport Beach. Should you wish to relocate here be sure your cash flow exceeds 200k per annum. Sure Newport is the stereotypical beach town, the bikini shops, surfboard rentals on the sand, the eateries from gourmet to corn dog. This writers favorite happens to be bar called Blackies by the Sea, I am pretty sure I have dropped 200k for liquid refreshments in this dive over the years. But look landward, see those mansions tucked into the hillsides, I think that’s were all those reality show housewives live. Who else could patronize the specialty stores lining the strip, what the heck, 95 bucks for a bottle of scented olive oil?
My suggestion; pack your cooler, load up the kids and head to south Newport and the Wedge. Here sometimes, an outrageously vicious shore break tests the mettle of even the most skilled of surfers. If this fails to excite you, meet me at Blackies, they have a drink there that’ll raise the hackles on the back of your neck. This one’s for you, Domonique.  A fun video by a SoCal band called Fools Gold,..get it, California, the Golden State, Fools Gold. As always, it’s been a pleasure! - POPS