18 Apr '17


Posted by admin in Simple Leisure
Quick booze cruise with the boyz to Molos last week, and when I say booze cruise I mean that Capt. and crew were in full tilt mode from the night before when I showed up at the HK ramp at 4am. I was no exception having been forced to drink some brown fire water with my father in-law the previous evening. Even though I managed to get a full nights sleep it didn't stop me from burping up the toxic scotch fumes before our departure. We managed to launch the boat and navigate the technical harbor exit without incident regardless of our inebriated state of mind. It wasn't easy, neither was keeping my dinner down. All four courses were spewed all over the ocean like a chunky green oil slick only a few minutes into our crossing. Oh well it happens to the best of us. When the sun finally rose and the lures were in the water everyone seemed a bit more relaxed, myself included. Capt. C-Bal activated the auto pilot and retreated to his bunk for some much needed r&r, he didn't reappear until he heard the rawkus from his crew at the stern... double Mahi hook up will wake anyone up! It was total chaos with bean bags flying all over the place as the sleep deprived crew scrambled to get both fish in the boat. The Capt. seemly unimpressed or simply to tired to give a fuck peeked out of the cabin and said "handle that boys" and went back to his bunk. Classic. Good thing his first mate Mr. Cassanova was on board and still awake because he took charge and we had both fish landed but not without our full concentration. Mr. Cassanova then turned up the Jawaiian jams and proceeded to serve some of the best damn sweet bread sliders I have ever tasted. My belly was happy and finally feeling strong enough to begin my own rehydration with cuzzo lights. With 2 fish in the box the lures were pulled in and we motored down the coast a bit, this coast is so freaking photogenic that one just can't help but act like a tourist and start snapping away pics. And snap away we did. Many Mahalos to Capt. and crew for another successful channel crossing! Aloha - until next time. - RM
Editor's note : It is advised that when embarking on an all day boat trip starting in the early AM hours that one refrains from drinking alcohol the night before and gets a minimum of six hours sleep.