23 Dec '13


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Date - 12.19.13
Day - Thursday
Location - Westside, Oahu
The day started with a bit of caution as we encountered thunder and lightning on the drive out west. Met Sky at the harbor before dawn to check the conditions and were informed of high surf, an approaching front and small craft advisories..oh boy! We waited for first light and then made a quick decision to give it a go... seeing as we been up for a few hours already and definitely didn't want to drive home with our tails between our legs. Left the harbor and headed right, the front passed further and further away with each passing minute and the conditions just keep getting better and better. Loaded up on some Aku at the point and then headed a bit deeper since the water was glassing off nicely. Ran into a huge porpoise pile holding what appeared to be really big shibis but couldn't get a bite... shit I was feeling like this could be the day that the Capri M. would land her first Ahi but no such luck. Circled back to point and took a strike on the long rigger which turned out to be a nice size Barracuda. Since Sky nor myself have acquired a taste for fresh cuda we set him free after a quick snappo. A massive rain squall began to appear over the mountains and made it quite apparent that it was time to head home. What a day. - RM
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