13 Aug '10


Words by: KNOWxONE
How do you make a feature film you ask? "Just go to Amsterdam and make it happen" says Chuck Mitsui, the writer and director of Hawaii's newest independent feature film, One Kine Day. We got a chance to sit down with Chuck during our most recent FITTED BBQ to get more insight on both the creative mind behind the film, and the project itself, while playing a few rounds of Portagee horseshoes. Chuck was raised in the Bay Area, but "decided to escape the cold water in '92 and get some education here in the Aloha State." Since his relocation to Hawai'i, he's been holding residence in Ka'a'awa for nearly 16 years. Chuck's passion for film has taken him abroad to such exotic cities like Amsterdam; a fitting city for the fellow tetrahydrocannabinol connoisseur. Although Chuck technically never attended film school, he did take a few classes at the Binger Film Lab in Amsterdam. "The Lab is set up for people with projects in development and fortunately for me, they liked my previous work, "It's 8:08," says Chuck. "Out of the 12 projects accepted in 2006, only two of us finished our first drafts. So I guess I didn't let them down."
Asked about the prices of weed in Amsterdam, Chuck tells us "You're only allowed to buy 5 grams at a time. [Strains] like Orange Bud & Purple Haze go for about 5 - 7 Euros a gram." We then switched gears from buds to budding director, focusing on his film, One Kine Day which got it's humble beginnings in 2002. During this time, the outline was written with Erich Hoffman, a friend of Chuck's, but subsequently was "Put on the shelf for a few years." It wasn't until 2006 in which Chuck finally got the chance to further develop the project. Rewinding back to his stay in Amsterdam, Chuck tells us "I wrote the first draft [at the Binger Film Lab] and a year later, returned to fine tune my directing skills." In all, it took about 8 years before the project was finally completed.
When asked about the budget for One Kine Day, Chuck explained "Thanks to the financial melt down, we ended up shooting on a much smaller budget than we wanted: $1M." Fortunately, the producers of One Kine Day, Torry & Angie, came through in the clutch to call in some favors. Finding a production company to fund a film with our current economic climate is proving more and more challenging. So how did Chuck do it? "After a couple of years, I found a private equity group who were willing to put their faith in me. It was a blessing, and thanks to some great tax incentives from the State of Hawai'i, we were able to scrape together enough to get it done."
One Kine Day will make it's debut at the Fall / 2010 Honolulu International Film Festival, October 14th - 24th. Chuck would like to thank Torry & Angie (the producers of One Kine Day) and "A big thanks to Donovan Ahuna for giving us the Local 665's blessing." If and when you see Chuck out on the streets, congratulate this man and offer him a blunt or two. We would tell you to buy him a beer, but as Chuck tells us, "I don't always drink beer, but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis."