23 Apr '12


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“Chicano Power” or como nuestros padres lucharon contra el systema. Let me start by saying that for me there is nothing more pleasurable [ in every sense of the word ] than pushing around  a paint brush, the bristles saturated with pigment, onto a canvas or any  surface for that matter. Here at Chicano Park, on the piers of the Coronado Bridge, these pigments have been beautifully applied not merely to decorate but more so to raise social consciousness. This whole complex stands as a monument to the victory of the common man over the establishment.
But back to the art. The painting of murals as you know go back thousands of years but it certainly were the works of 1930’s artist like Diego Rivera and Jose’ Clemente Orozco [both card carrying members of the Mexican Communist Party] that brought this style of social realism to the forefront. Politics aside, one can study the works of Chicano Park and cannot help but notice the powerful symbolism, religion, oppression of the poor, homage to civilizations long past.
But let me tell you the real reason we are here today and it’s not magnificent art. Within shouting distance from the park is a Mexican restaurant called Las Cuatro Milpas [Las Cuatro Milpas - Barrio Logan - San Diego, CA.] Read some of the reviews and you’ll understand why it is THE place to come for Mexican food. I myself have stood in line for long periods along with Gaslamp hookers, naval officers in full regalia, suits from the financial district, TV anchor men, the homeless person that just cashed in his cache of aluminum cans for a chance at some delicious grub. So, give me a heads up next time you are in town and we’ll go there and grind some carne asada burritos,..on me.
I cannot leave you without the usual dedication, this one for my main squeeze Maria. Lets give it up for Carlos Santana! Maria Maria. - POPS