26 Jun '14


Hi again!  I'm just going to start this blog off by saying the weekend was way too short!  Let's recap...
My good friend, Bree, decided to take a leap and move to Las Vegas and I couldn't be more happier for her! Personally, I'm a homebody and I couldn't imagine leaving Hawaii, but to each her own.  When she told me the bittersweet news, I knew I wanted her last day to be special.  Surprise party for Bree was in full effect.  Now, usually the beach is a go-to for a huge get together, but I wanted it to be a little more intimate.  Bingo!  I send a text message to Monique, asking if it's cool with her that we use her house, she says yes.  Location, check.  Now, how am I going to get Bree there?  Easy, I tell her it's Mo's birthday and we're just going to BBQ.  Haha!  After Bree agrees to going, it's smooth sailing from there on out.  Thank you baby Buddha for technology and it's ability for group text.  Lol.  BBQs with us is simple - bring whatever you wanna grill and drink, and leave it up to JJ (Parkz) to cover the dessert course!
It was a beautiful day out and I couldn't wait to kick it with everyone.  Once we surprised Bree, we could all relax and just enjoy each other's company.  As I savor a nice cold Coors Light in Mo's amazing pool, I soaked in the scenery. Everywhere I looked, there were smiles and laughter, love and good vibes.  We came together to celebrate Bree's journey, and Bree came to "celebrate Mo's birthday" on her last day home (little did she know this was for her).  My point is, friendships like these, the unselfish ones, bring all kinds of positivity together, and in this tough world, positive vibes and good people make life that much sweeter.  Some people portray paradise to be clear water beaches with white sand, a beaming Hawaiian sun, and bottomless mai tai's, however, my paradise is being in good company. Cheers to an amazing Sunday...


Hope you guys enjoyed that! Until next time..