17 Apr '12


Posted by admin

"Greetings and Salutations!
A couple of weeks ago my handsome son and his beautiful family flew in from Honolulu and vacationed on my turf. Rene', Kristen and Capri are surely more acclimated to the sub-tropical weather of Hawaii so I decided to bring them to one of my favorite places, the Desert Lookout Tower on the eastern edge of San Diego County overlooking the Imperial Valley. As you can see by the pics he posted on his company blog there are no rain forests here. It's dry, bleak, hot, dusty, rocky, ancient with nary a hint of green vegetation, [a bit like myself I've been told.] Although his photos are excellent they fail to convey the immensity, the scale, the grandeur, indeed the drama that is unfolds before the spectator. On this day with at least fifty miles of visibility, in the clear desert air one can see the Anza-Borrego desert, the Chocolate Mountains, the Felicita Range, the Glammis sand dunes and I thought we could see the sun glistening off the Salton Sea. And then there is the tower, ahh the tower. For a buck the grizzly tower keep will let you ascend the narrow, rickety, winding staircase, the passage way lined with artifacts scrounged from all over the desert southwest. [Note the collection of bumper-stickers] And when you finally step out onto the viewing platform,.behold,..and remind yourself you must take the next breath! Been out to this site perhaps a dozen times but always at the very moment I stop at the end of the gravely driveway at the tower base that classic Jimmy Hendrix song "All Along The Watchtower" churns in my mind." - POPS