24 May '12


Posted by admin

So yesterday was my birthday, and since popping bottles at the club doesn't really do it for me anymore I decided to take out the Capri M for a little skurfing on the westside. Get out to Uncles at about 9am after dropping Capri off at school and start prepping the boat. Uncle comes out and says "What you not taking the poles"? Might as well I say, decided to run a couple lures out to the skurfing spot. My boy Lucky Luke finally shows up and we gas up and get on the water at 10am. We get about 10 minutes out of the harbor and bang the corner line starts running... yeah boy fish on. Luke jumps on the reel with a lit joint in his mouth and brings the Ono to the boat. Ono in the box in less then 30 minutes on the water. Of course we have no ice in the cooler oh well keep it cool with salt water. Troll around for another hour and finally get to the skurfing spot.. day is going great. Back in by 1pm. We get some ice and few tasty beverages and head back to Uncles to clean the fresh catch. After cleaning a few mangoes up from the yard I head back home to get cleaned up for dinner with my girls at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. Filet medium rare with mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, seafood sampler and a bottle of malbec please. Nice ride home with "This Must Be The Place" playing at high volume. And as if this wasn't great enough tomorrow I'm off to B.I. with Paiea Projects and the gang for a few days of living off the land down in Milolii. Nice. Happy Birthday to me.