24 Sep '14


Posted by admin in BabyCue, BabyFilipino
Some things never change, things such as barbecues, beaches, barbecuing on the beach but more importantly friends and family are things that will and should never change. And thats exactly how it felt being back "home" in Hawaii for 5 days last week. My wife and I decided to take a quick, last trip before baby comes, so a "babymoon," if you will. And what better place to "babymoon," than in paradise. Being that it was such a last minute trip, our friends and family surprised us, well rather surprised, my wife and threw us, as Alia dubbed it, a "babycue." We definitely felt the love that was shown to us by our friends and family and I know that our little man did as well. It was a great afternoon filled with food, games, the beach and each others company, what more could you really ask for? I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who showed up and a special thank you to my sister Brie and Alia, because without your guys' planning, none of that would have been possible, so thank you! It will be awhile before we are able to come back, but when we do, it will be with our little man.