13 Aug '15


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Launched Kahana bay 0500, straight out 18 miles to LL buoy, first pass small Mahi in the boat, stoked no skunk but couldn't celebrate due to mild seasickness, the east side is no joke when the wind and swells are ganging up on you, worked the buoy for another hour with no love, switched out the lures to some of Sky's over ripe dead Opelu and managed to land a super hungry Ono, luckily it didn't scissor threw the light leader, still couldn't celebrate due to a twisted stomach, worked the buoy to death for the next hour with no love so the captain decided to head over to U buoy, thankfully he let me man the helm on the way over which almost instantly cured my seasickness, no luck at U buoy either so captain made the call to run the ledge on the way back to Kahana, no takers, back at the ramp my stomach was finally ready for cuzzo lights, ended the day with a proper celebration, many mahalos to Captain Jeff and first mate Sky for another great day at the blue office. Cheers - RM
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