15 Mar '11


Posted by admin in Aloha For Japan

 PLEASE NOTE: Due to extremely high demand for these tees, we will have to ship these out to everyone who orders as they come in. We'll continue to print these shirts and will ship them in order of invoice numbers. For this reason, please allow 2 - 4 weeks for expected delivery of the tees. We'll also have these available in stores, however, due to the same reasons, there is now a waiting list. Mahalo for your understanding in this matter, and thank you for supporting Aloha For Japan!

As you all know by now, Japan is dealing with a crisis like none-other, and considering how closely tied we are to Japan, it's truly hit home. Many of us have friends and family that live in Japan, and we know it can be extremely stressful knowing what they're going through over there, while we're thousands of miles away, almost helpless to the situation brewing. I know there are many who'd like to fly out there to give a physical helping hand, but just do not know where to begin. The biggest thing we can do right now is be proactive, and being that our motto is Aloha Served Daily, we taken action with ALOHA. We're working closely with the Lt. Governor of Hawai'i to make sure that all the profits of this shirt reach the proper people to help our brothers and sisters in Hawai'i, and we hope other cities and states take action as well. ALOHA FOR JAPAN